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The Neil Mac Files

Neil MacDonald managed the Geelong Region Cross Country team from 2000-2007. During that time, the Geelong Women won premierships in the U14, U16, U18 & Open Division 2 categories. Finally in 2007, the Geelong Region Open Men's team also came to the party by winning the Division 1 Premiership to break a stranglehold Glenhuntly had enjoyed for a decade.

During this time Neil pumped out 59 newsletters to detail everything worth knowing about the team & athletics in general. These newsletters can be found below as well as the many interviews Neil conducted with athletes the world over. Many thanks to Neil for all the time he gave to the team over those years & for allowing us to use his work on the website.

There are also an assortment of photos captured by a number of people over the years. Thanks in particular again to Neil MacDonald & Sue Buckley who supplied the majority - enjoy! If anyone has any other photos they can offer, please pass them to us.

  1. Newsletters
  2. Interviews
  3. Photo Gallery



The Women

  1. Kerryn McCann
  2. Sonia O'Sullivan
  3. Benita Johnson (Willis)
  4. Eloise Poppett (Wellings)
  5. Georgie Clarke
  6. Hayley McGregor (Field)
  7. Sarah Jamieson

The Men

  1. Craig Mottram
  2. Lee Troop
  3. Viktor Rothlin and Jirka Arndt
  4. Mark Fountain
  5. Mark Tucker
  6. Steve Moneghetti
  7. Rod De Highden
  8. Adrian Blincoe
  9. Garry Henry
  10. Louis Rowan

The Coaches

  1. Bruce Scriven
  2. Nic Bideau
  3. Chris Wardlaw
  4. Dick Telford


  1. Andrew Lambart
  2. Bruce McAvaney




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