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The Geelong Region Cross Country Team represents Geelong in the Athletics Victoria winter Cross Country & Road Racing (XCR) series. This is a 10 race series from April to September each year, that caters for all ages and all abilities. Races vary in distance from the 3.827km lap of the Tan to the Burnley Half Marathon and are held at different locations throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.  Whilst it can appear from a distance to cater mainly for the elite, the vast majority of runners participate on a very recreational level and enjoy the motivating team environment present at each and every race.

The Geelong Region Team was formed in 1999 representing a combined team from Chilwell, Deakin, Geelong Guild, Bellarine & Corio Athletic Clubs. In 2021, Athletics South West joined the fold. Each of these teams operates under the broad umbrella that is Geelong Athletics Inc. The combined team was created to unite Geelong & South West athletes and to offer them the opportunity to represent their home town in statewide competition under the one banner. For the pure recreational runner, it provides a great chance to socialise and have a great run at a range of different venues. For the elite athlete, it provides the opportunity to compete against the best athletes in the country. It therefore also offers the elite athletes the unique opportunity of rubbing shoulders with the everyday weekend warrior!

The Geelong Region Team has been a vital stepping stone for many of our athletes to go on to represent Geelong and Australia on the world stage, including:

  • Craig Mottram Olympic 5km runner (2000, 2004, 2008)
  • Lee Troop Olympic Marathon (2000, 2004, 2008)
  • Georgie Clarke Olympic 1500m runner (2000)
  • Louis Rowan Commonwealth Games 5km runner (2006)
  • World Cross Country Representatives - Darren Lynch, Richard Jeremiah and Tim Clarke.
  • Mark Tucker World Half Marathon Championships (2008)

We currently have a very promising group of juniors who will undoubtedly form the backbone of the club in years to come and we hope to see our next future National Representative come from this group.

The Geelong Region Team has enjoyed some tremendous successes in recent years including Open Div 1 Men's victories in 2007, 2010, 2011 & 2015. Our 2007 win broke the 10 year winning streak held by Glenhuntly Athletics Club, the traditional powerhouse of distance running in Victoria.

So if you’ve ever thought about joining a team for fun, for competition, for motivation or for any other reason, now’s the time to get in touch.


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